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The whole color choosing solution is not as round as I would expect from you. I immediately was a fan of yours as your products are heavily soaked with deep conceptional intelligence.... ;-)

First I do not understand why the hex color code field is only shown when I switch to the RGB Hex color sliders. It is extremely handy when coloring objects with a color from another object. There are other ways, I know, and all have their purpose, but sometimes the color code is the fastest way. So, why not showing it in all color modes (HSL, RGB, ...)? I know that it is not always possible to translate a color from one to another (many CMAK blacks translate to RGB black #000000). But for me this would not be a problem. Or, if this is a problem, then why not using color mode dependent code, i.e. the code is not always RGB hex, but depends on the current color mode and the notion is e.g. LAB#056-023+123 (or using unsigned hex LAB#3869FB), which would also allow to give a code for 16 bit colors.

Then I do not understand why there are two different color chooser popups. When I click on the circle in the color studio a popup titled "Color Chooser" comes up, giving me less options than the other way, i.e. there is no RGB hex for example. When I select an object then I can click in the context menu, where it says "Fill" or "Stroke". This popup gives me different color modes as before, e.g. RGB hex is available here. I do not see a reason why to have two different color chooser popups with different features. When I want to choose a color then it should not make a difference which UI item I click.

By the way I also would not treat RGB and RGB Hex as different colorspaces. It is just a different form of presenting the value. At least add the hex code field to the normal RGB colorspace, please...

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