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Zoom functions as optional toolbar features.

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Can we have the Zoom functions ("Zoom In/Out", "Zoom to Fit" (especially important), "Zoom to Width", etc.) as optional features to add as buttons to the toolbar?


Since all the functions have moved into a submenu ("View > Zoom") with the recent releases I notice I spend a lot of extra time to trigger those options just by having to navigate into that submenu. Personally I'm not a fan of this change (this was more efficient in the older releases).


(Note: I'm very bad at learning and using all the strange keyboard shortcuts. I know this would go faster. But I need a quick and direct way to trigger it via a mouse operation. :D)

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On 7/14/2019 at 2:23 AM, tokai said:

Note: I'm very bad at learning and using all the strange keyboard shortcuts

I wouldn't feel bad about not knowing shortcuts; there should always be obvious ways to do things in the interface - a shortcut is just that, a memory-based quick-access for regular and experienced users. It's not just novices who need obvious UI cues, but professionals for whom Affinity usage might only be a small part of their day, week or even month. That said, Designer is pretty good in most respects, but I as an extension of your request I'd like to see pretty much any function available for the toolbar - different people have vastly different priorities when it comes to feature access (in conjunction with being able to save custom UI "workspaces" and transfer them across installations)

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