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Numerically edit handle coords and larger max document size

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Hi, and thanks for making Affinity Designer!

(I think these feature requests applies to Affinity Designer on iPad as well, but I'm only posting them to this category.)

Feature request 1

Please allow us to numerically enter/edit the coordinates of a path's handle points, just like we can for the anchor points, and I really miss the ability to edit the coordinates of the handles, something which is possible in many other vector editing tools.

Feature request 2

In our iOS game project, we use a very wide SVG-file as a "world-map". It's currently 576 px high and it needs to be more than AD's maximum 256000 px wide ...

Are there any particular reasons why 256000 is the maximum value, or could it be set higher, to eg 16777216 (1 << 24)?

Perhaps something to do with floating point accuracy?

We currently have two options:

* Split the gigantically wide SVG into multiple ones, but this would result in a lot of work both in code and while designing, since the content of the SVG is continuous.

* Scale down the SVG to use 576/someFactor in height so that the width would get less than 256000, but this would make stuff like line widths and distances etc really small (lot's of fractional digits) and cumbersome to work with while designing.

I realize this might be a niche case, but still ... It would be great if it was possible to deal with extremely large coordinates.


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