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have Affinity Photo to load LUTs from a folder

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a product feature request and I think I'm not the only one who would benefit from this improvement 


It's nice that AP supports LUTs but having them to load manually (in my case well over 200) is absolutely counterproductive 

let us specify where the LUT folder is on the Mac and Affinity will read them into the Adjustment preset panel where we have easy access to AP's own LUTs plus ours

I'm thinking of something as easy as copy the folder in the LUT directory like in BMD DaVinci Resolve

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I'm Guessing luts aren't being used by that many people or this would have been done already. I'm with you though and it can't be that hard to implement. I've just downloaded the trial and it's one of the first things I looked for, even had a dip through the files but couldn't find a presents or lots folder :(

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LUT's are pretty essential when you reach a certain level of compositing, a proper browser is desperately needed!^_^

I'd really love the ability to select a folder and scroll through multiple LUT's. Currently, you have to know exactly which one you want to use. 

An even more epic addition to this would be to not only scroll with mouse wheel or arrow through the LUT's and watching them apply in real-time but also to have a slider that you can swipe left and right to show you the result vs original.

A browsable LUT explorer with a swipe in this format would be formidable.
For an example of the swipe effect - https://luts.iwltbap.com/

The only thing out there like that is the Magic Bullet Suite. Which to be honest is total overkill for most people who just want to see some quick and easy colour grading. =) 


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