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Photo: box border artefact when rendering pdf

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A hiccup in trying to use Affinity Photo in my pdf-to-EPUB processing workflow, in which all my text is being exported from my layout app as transparent background pdfs, to be converted in AP to png and resized.

Every text box that has a feathered edge, is getting a hard outline at the outermost extent of the feather - ie where the feather is transparent. This same effect doesn't appear to occur in Photoshop. It occurs in AP with either a batch processor, or opening a single file. Attached is a comparison of the same file opened in both Photoshop and AP, with the same dpi and size settings for rendering. (the photoshop file has a layer of white added behind, to show up the lack of artefact.

A white feathered box gets a white bounding outline.

Any thoughts?

(edit - genuine textbox from the book, not a statement towards the any reader of this :))



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Oh something I noticed - when placing this same file in Affinity Publisher, the box edge artefact effect doesn't occur.

So here's my (current) workflow to get around the problem:

Original 236 page publication in in InDesign CS5, which I can still run.

  1. I use a 3rd party script to export all pages as individual pdfs
  2. I manually place them, one at a time into a new 236 page Affinity Publisher document.
  3. I export all the pages as .png files
  4. The .png files form the pages of a fixed-layout .epub file that's assembled manually with xhtml files in a text editor (png is used because jpg files suffer colour shifting in black and white from the presence of red & blue respectively, and that will show at the point where the spine meets).

If I could cut out step 2 & 3 via the issue in Affinity Photo being fixed, and just process all the pdf files out as a batch job, I can get from the end of step 1, to the beginning of to step 4 in about 8 seconds.

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  • Staff

Sadly I don't have an update on this issue. We can't provide any timelines for bug fixes :( 

When you place the PDF it won't show the artefact if you're using "passthrough", but if if you change it to "interpret" it will show the borders. 

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Come on - you cannot be taking multiple years to find out what is happening here - this is ridiculous. 

This started happening out of nowhere - I resized my document for print - all images pass the preflight check.


At least admit no one is working on this. 


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Tell me how I managed to find a workaround/solution after 3 days of digging and troubleshooting than the expert team can provide in 3 years???


Here;'s what I did to make the lines disappear based off other users: 

- Set snapping - force pixel alignment - move by whole pixels (you do not have to go and reset all your pages, so not sure if this made a difference) 

- in Export menu, reset your preset for PDF print - then go on an do what you gotta do for DPI


Doing this seems to have reset the document/render and remove the lines. Really annoying your team couldn't take a few hours to provide users this info and the dev team couldn't fix this all this time. 

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