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Hi all 

This is my first post here in the Affinity forums . I got familier with Affinity designer when it was in beta a few years back . 

For the past year I used Gravit as my main vactor app (I'm an amateur , using it for fun only). 

Since I'm considering the switch I would like to share my thoughs and get some feedback :


  1. Affinity designer is one time fee while Gravit Pro is annually based subscription . I prefer one time fee but Gravit is giving 60$ off for  Gravit users , which makes it cheaper from Affinity designer (Though I'm not sure if it's only for the first year or every year) . 
  2. I'm already familiar with Gravit and feel "Right at home" when I use it . I still don't feel it with Affinity . Should I be worried ? 
  3. Unlike Gravit , I see a lot information and tutorials on Affinity , both here and on UDEMY  and it makes me think Affinity is more welcomed by the design insudtry . Am I right ? 
  4. Assuming I'm willing to purchase Affinity designer , will I get every minor/major updates in the future for free ? 
  5. One of the main advantages on Gravit is the fact they have support for browser . Will you add such support in the future ? 


Thank you ! :1_grinning:



Best regards 

Noam Asulin 

Affinity Designer 

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