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  1. I'm sure but I can't justify it for now . Designer is currently suits my needs for most of the things I'm doing .
  2. Hi all Thank you . I see all your replies just now . I do not have Affinity Photo , that's the reason for asking how to do it on Designer . I'm newbie for Affinity Designer anyways ...
  3. Hi all I have an image with white background . I would like to remove that background , meaning select only specific object and choose other background. I couldn't find an option to do it . The image is attached . I want to remove all the white background surrounding the watch Thx !
  4. Hi all. I'm new to Affinity Desinger, coming from Gravit. On Gravit I have used some feature that allowed me to click on the an object color and then go to other object and "Paste" this color. Is there any feature like it on Affinity? Hope my question is understandable. I'm using the latest Affinity desinger version. Thx!
  5. Hi all This is my first post here in the Affinity forums . I got familier with Affinity designer when it was in beta a few years back . For the past year I used Gravit as my main vactor app (I'm an amateur , using it for fun only). Since I'm considering the switch I would like to share my thoughs and get some feedback : Affinity designer is one time fee while Gravit Pro is annually based subscription . I prefer one time fee but Gravit is giving 60$ off for Gravit users , which makes it cheaper from Affinity designer (Though I'm not sure if it's only for the first year or every year) . I'm already familiar with Gravit and feel "Right at home" when I use it . I still don't feel it with Affinity . Should I be worried ? Unlike Gravit , I see a lot information and tutorials on Affinity , both here and on UDEMY and it makes me think Affinity is more welcomed by the design insudtry . Am I right ? Assuming I'm willing to purchase Affinity designer , will I get every minor/major updates in the future for free ? One of the main advantages on Gravit is the fact they have support for browser . Will you add such support in the future ? Thank you !
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