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Constraints Group is getting cliped

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I am also experiencing Strokes that form portions of Object Boundaries are clipped when they are part of a Constraint Group. This does not happen with all similar groups of Objects, all of these contain Closed Curves that have Frame Text positioned on top of respective shapes.

Regardless of actions to Ungroup or Edit within an existing Group the following remains true. Ensuring that all Objects in that particular Group have individually had all Constraints removed, i.e. no Constraint facility remains Selected [Highlighted] when the Group is reformed it still displays as Constraint Group.

It is also noted that Grouping a Constraint Group [effectively double grouping initially accidentally in this case] causes Constraint Group to display as simply Group. Ungrouping this 'Group' reverts to Constraint Group and this situation is not perceived as being helpful.

 The attached File has examples of Constraint Group and Group, since these all [originally were copies of #1 it is strange that they are not all of the groups are of the Constraint variety] the Rounded Rectangle #4 was freshly created in an attempt to learn why the [#1 and #2] Constraint Group iterations of the Rounded Rectangle have Corners with a noticeably thicker Stroke. Any solutions to this effect would be appreciated.

The Filler Text offered the opportunity to learn a little about this facility but other commitments prevented me from making everything appear 'sensible'.Card TEST 2.afpub


Please, can a Moderator/Administrator move this to the appropriate Forum? Thank you.

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In appropriate Forum choice, apologies.

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I have found a workaround [? solution] to the problem of Constraint Groups and the perimeter clipping that occurs. Although I still do not understand why apparently randomly some Groups result in becoming Constraint Groups whilst others, using similar Objects, remain simply as Groups.

If a Constraint Group is 'Grouped' the latter displays as a simple Group, ungrouping the Constraint Group within the newly formed Group allows the latter to remain as a simple Group. Importantly the previously troublesome clipping does not occur.

It would be nice to know if I am unwittingly creating a problem, if this behaviour is intentional or is a bug?

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