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Caleb O. L.

Feature request, Layer UI and Eraser

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Hello I was prompted to fill out a feature request based on a review of Designer for IPad on ITunes. 


The Eraser. It it would be great to have a dedicated vector based eraser. One that edits shapes just like the eraser in illustrator.  I understand why you have the pixel based eraser masking option.  It’s cool.  But it doesn’t actually allow me to edit my vector based shapes. And the workaround for splitting vectors with a line is cumbersome and awkward, and not what I am looking to do. All I want to do is clean up a weird shape edge here and there.  No need to reinvent the wheel, a simple eraser tool would be soooooooooo welcome. 

Regarding Layers. Is there is any way to keep the parent layer open at the top of the layer palette and in view when a shape is selected with the node tool? When many multiple shapes (I’m talking 300+ sometimes) are nested inside a layer, it’s a total chore to have to swipe upward with the Apple Pencil for what feels like an eternity just to get to the parent layer in order to collapse it. If at any time I could click the down arrow and collapse the nested layers it would make navigating the layers palette so much easier. Again I hate to say it but Illustrator’s workflow here is so much simpler. 

My hope/dream is that I use Designer for all of my vector based illustration work.  I would loooooooove to not have to use Illustrator or any Adobe product anymore.  Please Affinity, make Designer the Illustrator slayer I know it can be!






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