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First of all, you guys are amazing. Your programmers and designers have done an incredible job on building Affinity.
Look like after 15 years of retouching in Photoshop I am finally going to switch because you have the tools I wanted Photoshop to have but never had, more humane and thoughtful approach to the overall design and much better performance.

Now onto important requests. All these are not just vanity features but those that I came across using very often during my retouching works.

- add an aspect ratio shortcut Alt or Ctrl to image cropping. I know you have a dropdown, but it doesn't help much. Choosing the right crop and composition is often a multistep process,  adjusting it with an aspect ration, then correction a bit without it the on/off etc. It has to be easy to use shortcut to make it flexible.

- Path blur. A complex feature, I know. something that blurs along a curve or several parallel or converging curves with adjustable speed setting on ends and along the curve. Very important for automotive photography retouching.

- Same but an elliptic curve with multiple adjustable ellipses.

- please add blending to dust and scratches. Right now the results are pretty rough just like in photoshop. Could be something similar to the healing algorithm, where the texture is taken from the surrounding areas, or at least some simple pixel blend to remove the rough edges and artifacts around the remove dust/scratches.

- Basic metadata edit. Title, description, keywords, copyright. It's important to have it within the same software. I tried to use separate software for that but that makes it a two step process. Photoshop's metadata editor is fine but is missing spellchecking. Opening the GPS location with google maps in a browser would be handy too. Easy to implement I think. Please consider.

- an option to have the layer on/off checkbox on left

Thanks a lot. Keep up the great work. Will recommend you to all my colleagues.


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After trying Affinity for a couple of days on actual projects I realize that I was a bit too excited with the good side of it and overlooked some basic features which are lacking or not implemented in a most optimal way. Every second counts when working on large projects and the way things are atm slows me down a lot. I am afraid my switch from Photoshop is not possible at this stage. A pity, though. I see some awesome potential.

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