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AfPub - Zoom not functioning from Keys ⌘ +

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From the Menu > View > Zoom In functionality is as expected.

Using Shortcut combo Keys ⌘ + nothing happpens.

Zoom Out functions as expected via Menu or Keys.

May I add you are doing a splendid job producing a REALLY GREAT product.

Very best wishes, G

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Exploring more facilities, e.g. showing Rulers, Margins, Bleeds etc., the Text Ruler did not appear when checkmarked. The Text Ruler requires the Frame Text Tool to be in use before it makes an appearance.

I was becoming acustomed not to use the Zoom In Keys but hitting them unintentionally to my surprise the Zoom In functioned. Then realised that the Text Ruler had disappeared because the Frame Text Tool was no longer in use. Reselecting the Frame Text Tool killed the Zoom In Keys function. With a Text Frame showing on the page Zooming In using the Keys is possible. Zoom In Keys also fail to function when the Artistic Text Tool is in use whilst Zoom Out Keys are not hindered. 

Just 'discovered' Preferences > Tools > Use Mouse Wheel to Zoom, problem solved.

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Learning curve

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CTRL+ / CTRL- Zoom does not work when certain tools are active, for example when text is selected and cursor is actively on some text.   I use Mac Magic pad, not a mouse.   Pinch zoom works nicely, I just have to get used to doing that instead.   Teaching old dog...

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Hi. Regarding 'Using Shortcut combo Keys'  Did you mean to say ⌘ +/⌘ - , rather than CTRL +/CTRL -?

This is working for me as expected now.

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