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Designer to Publisher, possible tactics for conversions, as well as forward looking features

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Since some of us have been using Designer as a sudo publishing app I naturally attempted to transfer/convert my Designer to a Publisher document.

Well the good news is you can open the a Designer file straight in publisher the bad news is that's about it. Publisher right now doesn't give any options on how to translate or configure the file. 

Same goes for when "placing" a document, in particular a designer one, but I'll get to that later. So here are somethings that could be useful:

1. Publisher could give the option to read in all or selected Designer's Art boards as pages.(Preferred)

2. Publisher could give the option to read in all or selected Designer's "Slices" as pages, and or  possibly converting  the "Slices" feature into a "slices" adaptation in Publisher  as well.

3. Publisher could also give the option to read in and convert Designer's vectors into Publishers vector when embedded.

4. Publisher could also give the option to read in and convert Designer's document color palettes into Publishers  color palette.


As for the placement feature in Publisher:

1. Again give the option to read in all or selected Designer's Art boards(Preferred) or slices as pages.

2. Right now placement adheres to the Publisher's document size which is strange especially when the imported document is larger than Publisher's document size.

I don't mind Publisher centering on the upper lefthand corner of the placed document, but it would be useful if it would respect the it's original size and allow it to move/slide 

it around with in the Publishers adjustment frame.


Overall UI features that would be useful.. This may have been covered somewhere, so I'm sorry if it has:

1. Color coding for the layers that's represented in the layers themselves and in the vector lines and frames.

2. A "slices" or layer parsing feature like in Designer.

3  Epub exporting with interactive links.

4. Of course that would mean Interactive links features that would be support in Epub documents.


These are possibly forward thinking but not really all that radical in nature especially in this ePub era:

1. This may sound crazy but today I don't think it really is, but maybe have an HTML5 feature or robust implementation and export, which of course would mean.

2. Movie and gif import capabilities or links sourcing links vimeo, youtube, flicker, google maps and the like and so on.

3. Front end for database configurations for sql, filmmaker, excel, numbers and what ever other mainstream databases there are.

4: Password protection and sign in features.

5. Some site analytics feature sourcing and so on.  Whatever makes sense.

(I used iWeb in the past which was extremely rudimentary, so I think making this sort of leap isn't that far fetched and I believe it would truly cement publisher's title and a true 

Publishing App)

6. Dashboard or Web Clip exporting.

7. Mobile device configurations/presets and deployments and or exports.

8. Simple Xcode export for UI with some possible simple interactive coding included.

9. ftp site uploading and updating features.


Well that's it for now.









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