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Unexpected behaviour of checkboxes in the Text-Styles-Dialogue

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Hi there!

I'm not sure whether this behaviour is wanted or a bug: when I click on a checkbox in the Text-Styles-Dialogue, there seem to be three possible conditions: white and empty, grey and empty, and grey and checked:


When white and empty, the attribute is not mentioned in the Style settings box, when grey and empty it is mentioned as "off", when checked, it is mentioned as "on" (here I can see why this behaviour could be wanted); on the other hand: when white and empty, the standard ligatures are on (I tried that). Wouldn't it be clearer to have this checkbox checked in the beginning, so one could see the actual behaviour?

I'm looking forward to be working with this tool! I'm already using Photo and Designer, but a desktop-publishing-programm was actually what I was waiting for!

With best regards


Composing is improvising in slow-motion!


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