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  1. J_Bertram

    Bleed in

    Hi! I encountered the same problem: When Exporting a 2-page-document, I cannot choose to export single pages ("All Pages"), it's just the whole document as a spread, including bleeds. When Exporting a 4-page-document, the bleeds come out in the settings "All spreads" and "Current Page", but not when set to "All pages". And I would like to set an inner and outer bleed on facing pages, similar to the margin settings. Could that be done? Greetings Jan Ups, I just saw: I'm still using beta current page 4 pages.pdf all spreads 4 pages.pdf All Pages 4 Pages.pdf whole document 2 pages.pdf
  2. Today I placed multiple photos in picture frames. The photos came directly out of the camera (Nikon D50), all taken in portrait format. When looked at in any photo viewer, the orientation was correct; when I placed them (linked) in Publisher, they all came out in landscape format and I had to rotate them by 90 degrees. Could this be fixed? I guess Publisher somehow ignored the camera information about the orientation. Thanks for the effort! I appreciate it very much! Greetings Jan
  3. Hi there! I'm not sure whether this behaviour is wanted or a bug: when I click on a checkbox in the Text-Styles-Dialogue, there seem to be three possible conditions: white and empty, grey and empty, and grey and checked: When white and empty, the attribute is not mentioned in the Style settings box, when grey and empty it is mentioned as "off", when checked, it is mentioned as "on" (here I can see why this behaviour could be wanted); on the other hand: when white and empty, the standard ligatures are on (I tried that). Wouldn't it be clearer to have this checkbox checked in the beginning, so one could see the actual behaviour? I'm looking forward to be working with this tool! I'm already using Photo and Designer, but a desktop-publishing-programm was actually what I was waiting for! With best regards Jan
  4. J_Bertram

    Bleed set up an visibility

    Hi! I'm very happy about the featuresI saw so far (e.g. the possibility to use a second screen with a second view, and the grids and so on...). On trying to export a document as pdf, I didn't manage to export the bleed as well - is there a setting anywhere, or is this still to come in the final version? Regards Jan