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Jesse (Mediabound)

Better Guides Implementation

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I use guides a lot in laying out my work. I know there is the guides manager, and that is great, it has some cool functionality. But for every day use there needs to be some quicker workflow integration. Meaning guide positions need to be visible in the standard transform panel, so that you can click on a guide, then quickly type a location in the transform panel and the guide will be moved to that position. Secondly, but equally important, turning shapes and lines into guides is a must. It is a much easier and quicker workflow to be able to lay out objects and then convert them to guides.

I am just switching over from Adobe Illustrator which I used for 10 years. Overall I am really excited about Affinity Designer, a lot of the things that you have done different from the typical Illustrator standard are better implementations, once you get used to changing your workflow. For the most part the program is far more intuitive than Illustrator ever was, and I find in the areas were the app is mature I am actually able to work quicker now in Affinity than I was in Illustrator. However there are a few missing features which really are gut punches when you need them.. lol.

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