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Shortcuts for changing the view

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I'm using Affinity Photo on Windows and a Wacom tablet for drawing.
I'd like to talk about keyboard shortcuts for changing the view. First, I need to clarify what "type of shortcut" I mean. I'm talking about those shortcuts that don't change the tool I'm currently using. Let's use panning the view as an example. If I want to pan the view, I have two options: I can either hit H to go to the view tool or I can hold the spacebar to do that. The difference between the two variants is that when hitting H I go to the view tool and in order to go back to whatever tool I had been using before that I have to select that tool again. When using the spacebar, on the other hand, I can change the view as long as I'm holding it, but as soon as I let go of it I'm back using the tool from before. So I'm talking about shortcuts that don't switch to another tool. I know it's just a minor thing but at least for me that makes working so much more convenient. Now that that's off the table I can finally explain my problem.
Similar to panning the view there's also the shortcut space+ctrl for zooming. The problem is that it only works when hitting the spacebar first and then pressing ctrl. It doesn't work when I hit ctrl first or when I hit both keys simultaneously.
And speaking of changing the view, I hope that free rotation of the canvas is going to be added to AP on Windows soon. And if it is being added I hope that also for this there's going to be a shortcut that doesn't change the current tool and that this shortcut works no matter in which order I press the keys.
I hope my explanation wasn't too long or too confusing but I wanted to make sure that it's clear what I'm talking about.

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