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In Affinity Photo how can I copy a channel over another one? For example: I have color photo and I want to copy the red channel over the green channel. In other words, red and green channels should be identical. I tried making the layers editable, selecting all and copy/paste but it doesn't work. Or can that only be done through channel mixer? Can I copy a channel from another image that way?

The reason I'd want to do this: I have a bracketed color photo and I'm trying to maximize detail by grabbing a single channel from one photo and pasting into another.

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One way to bring in a Channel from another image is to use Apply Image filter.

The terminology is that the image which you want to edit, the image into which you want to place a channel taken from another image, is the Destination D. The image from which this channel is taken is the Source S.

Open Destination image. Then  Filters -> Apply Image.

Click on Load Image, and a file selector window will open. Locate your Source image file, then Open.

Ensure that Scale Horizontally to Fit and Scale Vertically to Fit are ticked (should be by default).
Tick Equations, and the next section of the dialog will appear instead of being greyed out.

Ensure Equation Color Space is RGB.

The 4 equation lines below are for DR, DG, DB and DA. These are the D(estination) R(ed), B(lue), G(reen) and A(lpha) respectively.

Set DR = DR and DB = DB  and DA = DA - keeping the Red and Blue and Alpha Channels on the Destination image equal what they were before.

Set DG = SR
This sets the Green Channel on the Destination image to equal the Green Channel from the Source image.

The James Ritson tutorial on Apply Image - Equations shows this feature in action.

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