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Hot Key for taking a brush back to default setting

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Hello, I am wondering if there is a keyboard shortcut or a way to assign one to take brush settings back to a specified default.


When in the basic brush set it is fine resizing with the square bracket keys and changing flow and opacity, but the issue for me is when I am working with a custom brush set and want to go back to the basic brush set, it takes a while to go to the brush palette and then switch back and forth. I have a lot of brush set categories and custom brushes and it would speed up my workflow if there were a quick way to toggle between the last used brush sets.


On another note, changing the opacity of the brush is nice and easy with the number keys and or the sliders in the top toolbar. I find though that I change flow more often than opacity and am wondering if there was a way to reassign the number keys to change flow rather than opacity. 


Thank you!

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