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Add the Move tool to the Selections persona

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Great work with Affinity Photo on iOS! I was doing some editing of textures the other day and found the workflow for lasso selection and moving things around really slow at the moment. I would really appreciate the Move tool being promoted to the Selections persona, and also for the last selected tool on a particular persona to remain selected when switching between personas.


I also use a progam called Moi3D which has a great selection tool, if you drag a rectangle from left to right you have to surround entire objects to make them selected, but if you drag from right to left they only have to intersect with objects. This is super useful since you don't have to switch modes via some option like you currently have to do with Photo. 

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Another thought on this topic is that would be more powerful and more generically useful is to have a customisable "temporary tool" area in the bottom left of the screen that stays across personas. For example if the move tool was added here then while you hold a finger down on it the move tool would be switched to, so from the selection persona you could quickly move the current selection, but when you let go it switches straight back to previous tool (eg the lasso tool) so there are no further clicks to happen to get back to the other tool you were using (eg to select a new area to move). This would be similar to how you hold down the spacebar on the desktop version to temporarily activate the hand tool.

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Totally agree.

It is inconvient frequently switching between the Photo and Selection personas.

It will be good to have a customizable tool area at the bottom left corner.

At least, the most frequently used tools, e.g. delete/move/copy/cut/paste, should be made availbe in Selection persona.


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