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Instagram Lux Slider

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I've always noticed a discrepancy when I move a photo from Affinity on my computer to my iPhone 7. What seems punchy and contrasted on my laptop often falls short when on a smaller, clearer screen like my iphone. I often use that "Lux" slider in Instagram to give a photo that extra punch before sharing it. What I want to do is be able to make a punchy photo like that without using some automatic algorithm to do the work for me.


Below are two pictures. The first is the instagram lux adjustment and the second is what I started with in Affinity. I'm trying to see if I can alter the Affinity one to make it look like the instagram one but am actually finding it quite difficult. Nothing short of multiple adjustment layers and dodging and burning is getting me close to what flicking a switch in instagram did. 


Is there an operation in Affinity that will create the same effect or is more about fine tuning it with various adjustment layers? I want more control over what I'm doing if that makes sense.



2017-11-21 16-03-09 -0500.jpg

guelph lake wide angle.jpg

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The Instagram lux filter works probably like a mixture of clarity, levels, vibrance, dehaze (contrast tweaking) and especially unsharp mask settings. So try to alter some of those things and when you come close to it, do afterwards record the same applied steps as a macro, so you can reuse it for the future then.

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