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Ap 1.7 feature requests

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Since ap 1.6 seams to be here soon, i would like to name some features i would like to see in ap 1.7 because i am missing them the most


  • from lr: select multiple images and open as stack in ap


  • in ap: new stack from open files


  1. Transform open files to layers and back
  2. Liquify persona: geometry adjustment like in ps
  3. Develop persona: dng files with edited image. Dialog, which image should be opened - original raw or processed 
  4. Show and edit a mask as (red) overlay
  5. Default settings for adjustment layers e.g. High pass filter- monochrome and linear light preselected
  6. Simplify gradient mask handling eg warning when applied to a non editable layer
  7.  develop persona: use color profiles generated for lr import



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