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  1. Having this Option would make it much easier to use stacking features from Lightroom
  2. and please add file->new panorama, new focus stack and new hdr from already loaded images or layers
  3. Hi, i would like to see a xmp parser/importer for ap which is capable of reproducing local adjustments made in lr. regards jörg
  4. Will we see the option to send multiple images from lr to ap and the option to convert these into a stack in ap 1.7?
  5. can be closed. it was a trackpad setting which seams to have changed in 10.14. "force click and haptic feedback". deselecting makes inpaint work again
  6. hi suddenly the inpaint brush is no longer showing the red mask. i cleared the preferences but it is still missing.
  7. I will provide you with the details later. Ap is called by lightroom6. It is an editable Image and flow is set to 100%. Inpaint behaves more like an adjudtment Layer now - the brush is showing the inpaint. Os is the latest macOS. I will check if something in the trackpad settings changed
  8. when will ap support the new nikon z raws?
  9. lets say i took a picture of a landscape with a mountain. now i want to darken only the sky by using a gnd filter effect. but i want to leave out the mountain. in lightroom i would use the gradient tool on the sky, switch over to brush, switch mask-overlay on, select erase and remove the mountain from the gradient filter. (lr_before and lr_after) in ap i use a curves-layer, added a mask-layer and used linear gradient fill with transparency 0 at the lower end. but when i am trying to edit the mask i can only guess where i am editing since i can't see the image no more. an other way is shown in your tutorials - but here i don't know how to edit the gradient. so how do i do this in ap?
  10. could you post a list of the known issues of a.photo and the aprox. version you are going to fix it? regards jörg
  11. yaapu

    AP 1.6.6 zoom external monitor

    can be closed. effect is gone today and can't be reproduced
  12. hi, when using ap on an external monitor zooming no longer works. zooming in is ok, but when zooming out, the canvas (?) gets bigger, the actual image is unaffected update: only parts of the image are shown when zooming out. regards jörg
  13. yaapu

    ap 1.6 mac 10.13 slow

    The performance (or lack of it) of the brush stays the same no matter if i select metal, opengl or opengl (basic). the performance is not good when using the brush on a mask (eg high pass filter -> invert layer -> apply filter by brush)
  14. hi, ap 1.6 is much slower than ap 1.5 on a macbook pro. i cleared the preferences and activated metal. e.g. The brush is moving like in stabilisation-mode (which is not activated)
  15. Since ap 1.6 seams to be here soon, i would like to name some features i would like to see in ap 1.7 because i am missing them the most from lr: select multiple images and open as stack in ap OR in ap: new stack from open files Transform open files to layers and back Liquify persona: geometry adjustment like in ps Develop persona: dng files with edited image. Dialog, which image should be opened - original raw or processed Show and edit a mask as (red) overlay Default settings for adjustment layers e.g. High pass filter- monochrome and linear light preselected Simplify gradient mask handling eg warning when applied to a non editable layer develop persona: use color profiles generated for lr import Jörg
  16. Hi, I don‘t think that this will help me because i want to stop using lr due to adobes subscription plans. Therefore i am looking for a way to get my edits exported so that i can reedit them later in (prefered) ap or in an other editor. Maybe this isn‘t possible with dng. regards jörg
  17. hi, not shure if it is a bug, a feature or a handling-issue. after editing/adjusting (exposure+crop) a photo in lr 6 i exported the final image as a dng-file. but when i'm opening this dng-file in ap (develop-persona) the edits are not shown. jörg
  18. hi, when adding 2 dark pictures to a stack, the resulting image is very bright (mean or median), like the division with the amount of pictures is missing or eq. 1 jörg
  19. ... and than - inside ap - "convert layers to stack" (missing feature)
  20. i try to do a sky replacement and i am confused: top layer: sky bottom layer: foreground when applying a (live) filter one can use the black/white brush to hide/apply the filter. the is equivalent to painting the mask layer in my understanding. in your video „sky replacement“ the resulting mask is not b/w but erased/not-erased areas. shouldn’t it be white=image above / black = image below? are there different kind of masks? thank you for your help yet another affinity photo user jörg
  21. this is/was my understanding, but in your video „sky replacement“ the resulting mask is not b/w but transparent/non-transparent j
  22. do you see a chance that it could be fixed in 1.5.3?