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Chromatic aberration correction

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I haven't been able to find an answer yet to my correction of chromatic aberration on my new I Pad Pro 12.9 with updated version of Affinity Photo (16561)

I saw in one answer concerning lens profiles, referred to the "Lens Studio"....I'm new, but I've searched the Personas and not found a Lens Studio on the iPad version. Chromatic aberration correction appears to be an easy process on the mac version...but all I can find is defringing filter on the iPad...which appears to have no effect on the CA.

I have previously used Camera Raw, and found a one button solution; but I'm a bit lost trying to do this basic correction in Affinity.

ive watched the tutorials and searched the web and this forum, but haven't yet found an answer. I'm hoping I missed something obvious.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Addit: I have been able with a lot of fiddling to reduce (not eliminate) CA with Defringe....but if I subsequently try another manipulation, the CA returns. My previous work flow was : lens profile/CA correction in Camera Raw....then on to any other needed manipulation. Should I now apply Defringe to correct CA as a final step....unsure.

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....ok..my bad...i admit it...CA correction and Defringing in Develop Persona...in the Lens Studio.....i started a new project with a raw file....and there it was....I'm going to try this out and see how it goes....(crawls back into dark room)

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Now I have had a chance to use the Lens Studio properly, I can say that the CA correction is still a little lacking. I have managed to reduce CA using Defringe, but not as accurately as formerly with Lens profiles in Camera Raw. Maybe this will improve with more experience. If there are any suggestions I would love to hear them

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