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Install of Trial version failed

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Today I signed up for a Trial version of Affinity Photo for Windows 10. During the install the install window popped almost completely off of the desktop and made it impossible to continue. I had to stop the operation using Task Manager. When I re-started the install it removed the partial install and completed the installation. However, when I tried to open the program it said, "Your trial has ended. We hope you enjoyed using Affinity Photo."  Obviously the registry or something was clobbered. How can I contact Affinity Photo Help to resolve this?  Thanks.

Affinity Trial error.JPG

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Hi jpmccormac

Welcome to the forum :)

The trials are limited to 10 days and this will begin when the app is opened for the first time. Have you had the trial installed previously at all? Unfortunately it is not possible for us to extend/renew a trial, I would suggest downloading it on another machine (if you have access to one) alternatively perhaps consider purchasing the app and requesting a refund should you not be happy with your purchase. 

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I guess further explanation is in order.

1. I attempted to install the app (Infinity Photo Trial) about one hour after registering on the site with my email. Obviously a 10 day trial had not expired.

2. I have never installed Infinity Photo (or any other Serif app) on the Win 10 PC; the PC is fairly new and only I have access to it.

3. I don't have access to another PC on which to download a trial version.

4. The fact that the install window froze and moved almost completely off the desktop indicates that the install software failed or some part of Windows 10 interfered with the install.

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I'm experiencing the same issue -

Just now I installed the trial version of Affinity Photo for Windows 10, for the first time.

On the first run I got the error message: "This trial has expired. We hope you enjoyed using Affinity Photo.".

I tried a couple of times more and the application always quits with the same false error.

But this is the first time ever I installed an Affinity software, so the error cannot be right.


I was very excited to hear about a "true alternative to Photoshop", which I really want to migrate from.  But the first taste I got of Affinity Photo is bitter.


How do I start the application ?


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