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Some Suggestions based on the experience i have gained with Designer(AD) - Batch 01[29th August 2016]

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Dear Affinity Team,


Here are some suggestions for improvements, based on the experience i have gained while using Affinity Designer.




(01)We should have the ability to "move" or "copy" a style from one style category to another,in the context menu.
(02)The search feature should also allow usage of regular expressions such as:
    * etc.
    e.g: fire*flare*
    it should bring in a list like for example:
(03)If we can get a summary of which attributes are saved withing a style,that could be quite useful,and all the elements impacted by it e.g: Layer,object properties,effects,adjustments etc.
    layer->alpha = 50%
        > Radius = 0.4 px
        > Preserve alpha = false    
        > Scale with Object = true
        > stroke_color = red[#CC5555]
        > fill_color = white[#F8F8F8]
(04)Generating Cascading Styles sheets from styles,so that they can be utilized in websites.

(05)Live Preview of Styles when an object is selected and the cursor is hovered over a style.

(06)Styles with longer names are cut out. We should at least have the ability that when we hover over a style,we can get the entire text of the style name as a tool tip.

(07)A Zoom slider to "increase" or "decrease" the size of the style preview thumbnails,just as provided in the "Navigator" panel.

(08)Ability to show or hide "style name text" in the "Styles" panel menu.


Exporting Images as Outlines or wireframes:
> We have the outline view mode that gives us wire frames of the underlying graphics in affinity designer. Can we get the ability to generate wire frame of the entire graphic as an image,with options for changing wire frame like:
    > wire line size[e.g: 0.54 px]
    > wire line style[e.g: dotted]
    > wire color[e.g: white]

or is there a way to apply an effect to do the same thing


Layers Panel:
(01)Ability to search layers[just like the search mechanism in "Styles" panel] by:
    > (a)Name
    > (b)Type[e.g: vector layer,pixel layer,group,masked etc]
    > (c)Layer Effect[e.g: Gaussian Blur]
    > (d)Adjustments[e.g:Levels]
    > (e)Locked/Unlocked Layer
    > (f)Visible/Invisible Layer
    > (g)By Symbols[e.g: wheel]

(02)Ability to convert "group" to a "layer" and vice versa.





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