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Average Blur inquiry

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Hi Jhoy,


Thank you you for the speedy reply! Im brand new to affinity (coming from ps, of course).  Which blur filter would you suggest to convert to live? I'm dabbling with several but haven't quite found the right fit.  On a completely unrelated note, and I'm not sure this is the proper place to ask this, but do you know of the equivalent in affinity ipad to command+clicking a layer thumbnail to create a selection in ps? Thanks again for your consideration!



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Hi 2112


It is a little hard to recommend a blur as it depends on the image and the look you are after, I would advise trying them one at a time and use the context tool bar to adjust it, if you do not like the effect you can always undo it.


I am afraid that the equivalent to the command and click is not on the i-pad version, I would advise putting this on the requested features section of the forum as our devs look at this for improvement ideas, I have put a link below to the i-pad section.




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