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View all gridlines on all art boards within a document

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I'm informed by Callum that this isn't possible and should be requested here:

I'd like to be able to see all gridlines on all art boards within one document. At the moment, grid lines only show on the art board you've got selected. 

This would be handy for quickly eyeballing dimensions and alignment across artboards.

I imagine this would be implemented as a preference, rather than a permanent feature for all users.


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I agree with this, but don't see any reason for it to be a preference. Toggling the grid on or off should just show or hide it for all artboards.

As it is, you have to either select an Artboard with the Artboard tool or select an object on an Artboard just to see its grid. Even selecting multiple Artboards or objects on multiple Artboards still only displays the grid on one Artboard.

I'm presently working on documenting a series of step-by-step procedures to populate a book. Each step is a separate Artboard, and I take a screenshot of each. It's a tedious pain in the neck which also raises the following additional needs for improvement:

• Printing the grid should be a user-defined setting.

• Presently, changing the document resolution in Document Setup changes the grid spacing for all Artboards, but doesn't change the number of divisions. For example:

1. Set the document resolution to 300.

2. Set the grid to 1 inch spacing, with 16 divisions.

3. Open Document Setup and change resolution to 288 (three times 96, to accommodate 300% zoom in an on-screen application).

4. The grid spacing changes to .1111 on all artboards, yet divisions remains at 16.

I see no reason for this behavior. I call it a bug. You can imagine how infuriating it is, having to go back and reset the grid for each Artboard on an 18-step procedure.


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