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Need Editing Tips for VERY Large Prints - Quickly

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I have been using Affinity Photo for editing my product shots (for the web) and some of my own Fine Art prints (nothing over 40cm X 60cm as of yet); but I just completed all of the shots for some work for a large local company (who had mentioned in the brief that they planned to make 'large prints' with a couple of the images) and they informed me today, whilst we were making selections, that they plan on three of these images being 1:1 format and 4 meters by 4 meters! I have never edited an image for a final print that size and am now concerned about what I need to be aware of in the editing process.


Should I perform some type of preliminary noise reduction, sharpening, and chromatic aberration corrections on the RAW images in the Develop Persona before doing the 'creative' adjustments in the Photo Persona?


Are there any things I need to focus on when Output Sharpening?


I am not even sure what options to choose in the Export Persona for such enormous prints (should I have the client contact their printer/sign-maker regarding any special requirements/suggestions they may have?).


Any help that those with experience with such large prints can offer will be greatly appreciated. 



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This is quick. He's using different software but all of it applies.


Skill Level: Beginner, digital photography, digital editing, lighting.

Equipment: Consumer grade. Sony Nex5n, Nikon D5100, (16MP sony sensors)

Paid Software: Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Lightroom4

Free Software: NIK collection, Sony CaptureOne9, Cyberlink PhotoDirector6, Hugin, ImageJ, MS Ice, Davinci Resolve

Computer: Win10 home, CPU Skylake I7-6700, GPU Saphire HD7850 1G, Plextor SSD

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This is quick. He's using different software but all of it applies.


Thanks for the link, rmar; I just watched this and the follow-up video. This is pretty much what I have been doing for my small(er) prints.


I am really more in need of understanding what dpi/ppi would be appropriate for such large prints - they will be viewed both from afar (20-30 meters away) and from fairly close up (3-6 meters away) and on whether my global sharpening adjustments are better done in the Develop or the Photo Persona.

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