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Hi affinity team !


First of all GREAT JOB on launching affinity photo on iPad with so many features ! Works amazingly fast and good ! It's a real pleasure on iPad Pro. After a year of waiting it was truly worth it :)


I'd like to share some of my feelings regarding the app though : I noticed using it that the palm rejection isn't so good, same thing with the fingers while using Apple Pencil ! I might have missed the option while digging the apps parameters (if so sorry ) but I couldn't help applying changes with my "dead" fingers while resting on the screen and using the pencil... it can be really annoying some times ! As a user of Procreate I know that they implemented options to ignore totally or partially fingers etc, works great and still allows multi touch actions. Could you guys think about it please ?


Second thing : would it be possible to upload multiple pictures (for stacks or hdr...even panoramas) from the Photo app ? I tend to import my camera raw files directly in the Photo library and not on iCloud Drive...


Other than that and a few "first release" bugs, Affinity Photo is amazing! thanks you very much for that app we were all dreaming of.

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Okay so just for the heads up : the second thing I talked about in my previous comment (multiple images import from Apple Photo app) is ALREADY done with the last update !! I can't even put my finger on a problem without it disappearing instantly ! Haha


You guys rock Hard !


Thanks a lot

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