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RAW Import from Google Drive NOT working

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I am using the ipad affinity version and wanted to test the import of RAW Files.


RAW Import IS working totally fine with iCloud - for some reason (probable bug) it's NOT working at all with Google Drive!

It simply shows the files greyed out. Access not possible. 


Curious to hear, if s.b. else had made the same experience



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Having the same issue. RAW files from Fuji are greyed out when trying to import from Google drive. Have attached a screenshort.


Feature request: when importing a pair of RAW+JPEG via SD Card-Adapter from apple, ipad camera roll shows one single photo (after syncing via iCloud, only on Mac Photos app it can be chosen to show either JPEG or RAW). When importing the photo into Affinity, Affinity chooses the JPEG automatically. Lightroom mobile however chooses automatically the underlying RAW, which is more useful for professional photographers. Please provide the RAW import or at least to choose when importing.


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Searching the forums for some kind of explanation/ Solution to the issue on importing ARW files from Google Drive and none is given. Also, pretty piss poor support from Affinity team as looking at the date of this thread and still none of them have bothered to reply. Starting to regret my purchase decision with Affinity. If an issue lies with Google API’s then perhaps add a pop up message to users when trying to import from Google Drive that this can’t be done or isn’t supported??


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