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Transferring File from iPad to Mac

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I've been playing with Affinity Photo on iPad, and am very impressed. My one issue is that I don't want to be locked in to editing a given photo *only* on my iPad, and I can't figure out how to get it out.


I can see the various files locally, and can see the export functions which all seem to flatten the image. Is there no way to pass it off for later editing on my mac?

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Hi powderizedbookworm,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

We are still looking into ways to improve iOS workflows but you can already save an afphoto file to work on your Mac. Do the following: tap the document menu icon in Photo Persona on the top of the interface and select Save A Copy, then save it to your iCloud Drive or any other cloud service you might be using to sync it with the Mac.

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My experience prior to writing this question was this: "Save a Copy" has a connotation of forking edits - which it can obviously be used for. I think it would make sense to have the destination picker on the initial page. Obviously I have it figured out now :)


A shared iCloud drive folder for the mac and iPad apps would be nice, but you would have me utterly hooked if there is some way to leverage handoff. Its about 50:50 for stuff I do that I prefer mouse/keyboard vs. Pencil, so being able to instantly pass a file back and forth would be amazing.


The iPad app and the Mac app are both wonderful. The tone-mapping especially is the best I've ever used.


Also, is there an alternate way to get to .afphoto files on the iPad. I'm running the iOS 11 beta, and neither the "Save a Copy" nor the "Export" options are working for me. Obviously, I'm a hobbyist, not a Pro, or I wouldn't be running a beta, so there isn't any real rush, and I certainly don't hold it against you guys!

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