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[AD/Usability] Scrolling to the text object's font - from recent fonts list

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I use AD for quite some typography projects, hence I often need to cycle through many font-faces before I select the one I want to use for a particular element. 


AD is making this however quite hard - as everytime I select a font face for an object when I want to go back to the list of fonts to evaluate other font options, I'm back on the top of the list (in the area with recently selected fonts). 



This is making it quite annoying, as I each time I want to keep moving on the list, I first need to manually scroll to the place where I left off (selected the last font)... 


I understand that having recent fonts on the top is quite useful, but, as it is easily accessible with HOME key, when selecting a text object, I'd rather be placed on the list in the place where the current font is placed, not on the top in the recent fonts area. (if you think this would annoy other users PLEASE make it an option). 



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Honestly, the way Illustrator does this seems much less problematic than the way AD currently does.


If one opens the drop-down, one is taken to the spot in the font list where that font lives; this is great for when scrolling through and trying out different typefaces systematically (in AD, it always takes one back to the top of the list).


If one starts typing, the font list starts showing only results containing those characters in that order (whether or not they're at the beginning of the typeface name — so one can type "con" and all fonts containing that sequence show up... not just ones starting con, but also ones that contain "condensed"; I find this hugely helpful). (in AD, typing opens up the dropdown and... if typing fast enough... will take one to fonts starting with that string only).


Both of these functions make finding fonts in a list of hundreds much easier. Maybe something like these could be implemented?

There are several different threads making requests like this... and this kind of interface function seems much more fundamental a need than some of the advanced operations showing up on the feature roadmap.

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