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Some good additions and fixes in both softwares as a Motion Designer

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Hi Guys!


I have been using the Affinity Products for a month by now and i have happily switched my workflow for the Affinity Products.

I'm a motion designer, so most of my time on the Affinity Products is for creating assets for animate it later.


With that in mind i have a couple of feature request and suggestion for future updates, some of my ideas could be

far fetched for the original intentional use of the affinity product, however i think it's good to suggest.  



- For Both Softwares


1) Improving the brushes

I know this is a quite a generic request, but since i tend to use brushes alot in my workflow i have noticed that the brushes in Affinity Products behave differently and sometimes even irresponsible, i had a lot of trouble sketching my ideas in Photo.

It's hard to explain, but it doesn't feel as pleasant as the Photoshop brush, it has some weird delay to it. 

I don't know if i am missing some steps for using the tool, but i have been quite unsatisfied the way the brushes work.


2) Video formats and safe guide lines when creating a new document

Creating a new category in the new document that has movies formats and when you create it will automatically create guide lines where is the safe margins.

(Just like Photoshop and Illustrator)


3) Timeline and animation tools, such as onion skin.

Some simple animation tool for creating a Gif a small video, as a motion designer i tend to create small particles that are hand drawn, and it will be nice to had a timeline with proper frames and onion skin to it. (Animation Persona perhaps?)


4)  Pattern Tool

Just as Illustrator that you can create a pattern and apply as a fill to a object, without having to duplicate many assets and merge it together.


- For Affinity Designer Only


1) Export or convert to Illustrator format

I don't know if this is possible, but since i usually import the Illustrator file into the After effects for animation, now that i have switched for the affinity products my wokflow has been:

Creating a large asset > Export as PSD > Animation in After effects


This workflow works but i tend to lost the vector properties of the image, it will be very helpful if i could export as a vector file that After effects supports and also read the layers from the file, such as the illustrator files. (EPS tend to merge every layer so i won't work for this purpose)


- For Affinity Photo Only 


1) Symmetrical painting

Just as Krita has, a way to paint symmetrically on the board without the use of copying and flipping.



That's all!

I really hope to stay with the affinity products. I even began to recommend it for my other motion designer friends and i look forward to give more feedback in the future!


The only major complain that really disappoint me are the brushes, beside that i love the software. 




Motion Designer, 3D Artist and Film Editor

You can check my work here:




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