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Affinity HDR

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Affinity Photo HDR image, for me it makes a good job.
The frame is from Google Nik Collecttion Analog Efex Pro works well.
If there is interest I put one more from 5 pictures.







5 Pictures





Something different than nature, 3 Pictures.




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I like them. They have the HDR look but not in the extreme like so many others I've seen. 

Skill Level: Beginner, digital photography, digital editing, lighting.

Equipment: Consumer grade. Sony Nex5n, Nikon D5100, (16MP sony sensors)

Paid Software: Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Lightroom4

Free Software: NIK collection, Sony CaptureOne9, Cyberlink PhotoDirector6, Hugin, ImageJ, MS Ice, Davinci Resolve

Computer: Win10 home, CPU Skylake I7-6700, GPU Saphire HD7850 1G, Plextor SSD

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