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Marek Jobczyk

The performance of Affinity Photo

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Hello. I bought a few days ago the program Affinity Photo. Unfortunately, I have a problem with the speed of the program. My computer has a dual-core processor, 6Gb of RAM. The integrated graphics - Intel HD Graphics. The operating system is Windows 7 Service Pack 1 plus. What could I do to speed up the program?

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Im struggling on my PC too. Changes to images are slow and sometimes 'blocky' in its execution. Dont know how much is Affinity or my PC. Only downloaded Affinity this evening and already disappointed.



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In short, my computer should be suitable to run AP without problems but it is not.


Intel processor,

6 Cores
12 Threads     
3.50 GHz Frequency     
Max Turbo Frequency 3.70 GHz
15 MB Smart Cache

Windows 7 Professional (x64), 32664 Megabytes usable Installed Memory and a 3,891,200KB Pagefile


Loading DNG files is painfully slow and working on images is slow and jerky.


AP is fantastic !  It does everything I could ever wish from a photo editing program and I would dearly love to work with it if it wasn't so slow running under Windows. It may be better running on a Macs, I don't know, however in my experience it has a long way to go before I can work with it productively. I hope and pray AP will run smoothly under WIN one day and when it does I will be in it like a flash. B)

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