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Animating after creation in AD or AP...some questions

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I was wondering if anyone is creating designs (could be game related elements) and animating them after. If so what program are you using to do so and in what format are you importing? I figure a lot would say After Effects but are there alternatives? 


Speaking of game elements, are most using a vector program (AD, AI) or a bitmap (AP  or Photoshop)?


Does anyone know of any plans for an animation component in AD or AP like in Photoshop CC2017?


Lastly, I use a Macbook at home and Surface Pro 4 on the road. I bought AD for each operating system, I assuming I have to do it for AP as well. Am I correct?



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Dabbling with character design in Affinity Designer and mostly cutout (with deformation) animation in Moho (see animation examples, not mine, in the Moho gallery).

So far I have only done some very basic tests - works well with PNG layers/slices, layered PSD (use Final Cut Pro preset to preserve the layer structure), and SVG (currently imports as a single "flattened" vector layer).


Serif would have to do a mountain-load of work to compete with the character animation features in Moho.

For motion graphics stuff maybe not so much work, but I believe Serif have ruled out animation features in AD (and, I assume, AP) in the near future.


And, yes, separate licenses for AP too - the two purchase systems cannot talk to each other.


(As for game elements, not my area at all but, from what I've seen in passing, both vector and bitmap programs are in use, or both together, partly depending on game style and artist skill areas. If I had to estimate numbers I'd guess wildly that bitmap probably holds about a 3:1 lead, based on the incredibly inaccurate technique of googling game art photoshop and game art illustrator and comparing numbers of results)

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