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imac 5k does not work well with affinity photo 1.51

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hi opening a canon raw and doing some very basic adjustments causes the imac 5k to light up loud with fans to the point where affinity photo 1.51 is unusable.


the imac i7 is a retina running el capitan, 32 gigs ram, 2tb fusion drive, the file was also located on the fusion drive.


so just a few tweaks in curves ,noise reduction and zooming in was enough to make the fans blast on ... so is this normal for affinity photo 1.51?


also is the tone mapping re editable? or is it just rasterised? should not all personas be editable like a smart object? .... miss smart objects.


also with plugins where the plugin launches its own window in the host [normal behaviour in photoshop} nothing seems to happen ...maybe you should post a list of plugins that work.


also have you thought about making a develop persona /plugin  colour correction.... in affinity and photoshop is incredibly crude compared to dedicated multi level colour correction software [ think baselight nuke plugin]. Or perhaps a optional flow graph based work flow ... layers is like being in 1990 again.


really like affinity photo ...runs really well on my old mid 2011 imac but i wish you would take the product beyond a ps matcher and develop image creation to a new level. 





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As for Affinity Photo causing the fans to come on for your iMac then I'm not sure what to suggest at the moment. When you apply noise reduction in Develop we start to apply the noise reduction to your entire image in the background at source image resolution. We do this as fast as we can by using all you CPU cores. If using all you cores start the fans on you iMac then the only thing we could do is use only some of the cores but it will be slower. I guess this bring in to question why using all your cores will bring your fans on so quickly. We have lots of 5K iMac here so we can experiment on Monday but as most most the iMac are used to build software using Xcode then the fans are on nearly all of the time anyway.

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hello thanks for your quick response ... i kept looking for possible reasons ...one thing in pref/performance ap had grabbed all 32 gigs of ram so i turned that back to 20 gigs and moved the canon raw files to a different drive ... no fan noise ...so maybe these changes helped. My old imac that also runs ap has 32 gigs of ram but that was set to around 20 gigs and has never had the fan problem.


anyway all the best with ap ...



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