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[APh/ADe] Flood select, icon change for alt, perspective guides, & brush snap.

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Flood select is part of an art workflow, it's a basic tool and could be included in AD.

When you press alt in almost every painting program you activate the color picker,
it would be good if when you held alt it changed the icon so we knew the color picker is going to be active.
In fact maybe pressing alt on it's own should activate the magnifying glass directly, overall alt+ drag is a drag if you pick colors a lot.

Also, both AD and AP could use manually(non-horizontal/vertical guides) positioned guides or preferably proper helpers with vanishing points, for architectural art and design.(Perspective tooling for pixel and vector)


Last but not least, it would be good if brush strokes(vector and pixel) could snap to anything.(guides, grids, etc)
Maybe this could be a on/off option in the snap menu. Currently the only drawing tool that does this is the pen tool.(as far as I'm aware)

Btw love the way guides are handled and color picker's zoom!


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As further feedback to my own post, the selection brush tool can be used as a much higher end floor select in AD, and I'm getting used to the color picker not having it's own icon.(on alt press)

Still think the perspective grids and snapping could be could but have been getting around it the old way, plus using vector tools.

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