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[AP] Soft Proof Adjustment Layer - Gamut Check

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If it is possible, it would be terrific if the "Gamut Check" feature in the Soft Proof adjustment layer provided a false-color overlay/map that gave an indication of how far OOG the pixels were, say in deltaE, instead of a gray overlay that does not indicate how far OOG each selected pixel actually is.  


Even better would be a preference to map the false color overlay to different dE values - that way, the user could specify the level of dE discriminated in the OOG overlay.  For example, green for a dE <2, yellow for dE between 2 and 6, red for dE > 6 or something like that.


This would be useful in assessing OOG colors for print, for example, and what adjustments would be necessary to bring the current document into gamut for the intended output space.  Sort of highlight and shadow clip warnings in a typical raw converter.  I can envision making a saturation adjustment or a Lab curves adjustment and watching the OOG indicator map change from lots of red and yellow to a little bit of yellow and calling that adjustment sufficient for the conversion into the destination color space.


Color Think:




provides this kind of gamut map, but is a professional color tool that is expensive and requires a lot of additional knowledge to use, and is not an embedded tool in an image processing application.  The attached example shows a particular blue in AdobeRGB and how it would map to an Epson printer profile, with the "gamut map" showing how far OOG some of the blue areas are.




Kirk Thibault

Berwyn, PA


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