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I find the UI in Affinity needs work.  For instance, when pull up the "Soft Proof" dialogue and can flip through previews of the various settings, but I have to click each one, instead of being able to up and down arrow through them.  That's very time-consuming and unnecessary.


The same thing applies to the crop tool in Photo, where you can see a preview of the cut, but you cannot fine-tune adjust it's placement with the keyboard.  I would like to be able to "nudge" the box where I need to.

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Another thing I thought of is allowing us to drag adjustments as in where we would increase or decrease font sizes.  Instead of having to just do dropdowns for font sizes, I would like to also have the option to left click (hold) and drag right to increase font size or left to decrease font size and let go of the mouse button to set.

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