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details in the sky

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I work some years with Photoshop and Ligthroom. I am seduced by Affinity Photo that I test at present. I have a problem consisting in not being able to obtain with Affinity the details of the sky (what is not a problem with Camera RAW). Could you see the following files ?


Perhaps I make an error in my development settings with Photo Persona.

Kind regards,


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I opened you CR2 in my converter and got this in less than a minute.


I observed…

  1. the LR sky has a magenta cast to it
  2. the DRL is not optimized, consequently…
  3. the micro-contrast is suffering a bit
  4. the same lack of micro-contrast is shaving away some sharpness
    NOTE: I did not apply any sharpening!
  5. the noise level in the LR files is far too high compared to my suggestion
  6. both your LR and your AP renditions look, at 100%, quite washed out
  7. AP seems to have better corrected the lens distortion


All together, I think taking the time to be more intimate with the software

is the key to renditions that would please you. Personally, I never treated

my RAW files with LR, CR etc.


I hope this helps you!


(DRL = Dynamic Range Levels = black and white points setting.)




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Thank you, Kodiak, for the time which you spent on my test. It helps me to make the decision to change for Affinity and I hope that I can obtain the same results as you.

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Hi Hubas, I'm a new member but just like Kodiak, I use Capture One for my RAW editing Then AP for Inpainting and other adjustments. I worked on you CR2 file but had a problem triying to upload a file of 15 megs. It may be that it has to be moderator approved. I will get it posted for you ASAP.

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OK time for an other effort at posting the image. Crapped out again! Back to the photo upload drawing board.

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