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Zero skill webdesign, where can I find tutorials on this topic?

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I'm a programmer that focusses on front-end web applications, I can use ui plugins in Angular2 (framework), but I would love to create something of my own.


I have never designed anything. I'm basically searching for good (paid) tutorials on web design. 




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Hi Brampage,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Do you mean laying out/designing websites graphically (generically speaking) with any app or using Affinity Designer specifically for this task?

I'm not aware of any tutorials dealing with designing websites in Affinity Designer but you can easily adapt/replicate tutorials done for other apps using it.

Most of them, however, focus on building a design (technically) with a specific app and not on the design process itself. I will see if i can found any tutorials about web design using Affinity Designer. Hopefully someone will add a few more resources too.

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Thank you for your answer, and your welcome :)


Yes, I just bought Affinity Designer and yes I do mean layout designing websites graphically with Affinity Designer.


Thank you for your advice on using tutorials that are focussed on other apps, I did not thought about that. However, it would be awesome to follow tutorials/courses on Affinity Designer (focussed on designing a website graphically) since I have no experience with these kind of apps.


Tutorials on techniques that are also used in designing a website graphically are also welcome.


I hope someone can help me.

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