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Hi, I'm not very advanced in programs like excel and stuff, but I'll need to design badges for around 600 people soon where I get lists of people in excel with their info distributed in different columns. I have used affinity designer for a basic design. For example, cel 1: "Naut", cel 2: "Netherlands", cel 3: "blue". With this info I would like the tekst:"Naut" at the top, a dutch flag at the bottom and a blue square in the middle. Is it possible to use affinity designer for this? 

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Hi nautvt,


It sounds like you want to perform some kind of 'mail merge' but with graphical content? The only way I'm aware you could really do this is with SVG export from Designer and a little scripting to query a database and automatically generate the content into named items. I'm really not the best person to describe that in detail though, so hopefully someone else might be able to fill you in (or google for it to see how it's done!)




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