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Hi, I just downloaded the trial version of Affinity Photo to determine if it can replace Photoshop Elements (for Mac) for my purposes.  I am using a photo/slide scanner to digitize and fix faded family slides, negatives, and photos that were damaged in a flood.  


Does Affinity Photo handle 35mm slides and negatives as well as photos?  If so, how do I do it; my scanner handles slides, negatives and photos.  If not, is this a feature you may be adding in the future?


Thank you for any help you can provide.



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Affinity Photo shouldn't care about the original media. It should only care about the size, resolution, color space, and quality of the image. I think the question is what scanning software you're using - does it handle transparencies and opaque materials equally well?

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OK, I just ran a quick test. In AP, if you choose File > Acquire Image, it will apparently invoke Apple's Image Capture by default. I believe that Image Capture will recognize slide scanners, but have not tested it for that. Image Capture is sort of crude, but if you have nothing else, it will do. For any other scanning software, you may have to install a plugin and show Affinity Photo where to find it. I'm sure the AP moderators can comment about this.


Based on years of experience scanning, retouching, and so on, I find that there's no particular advantage in scanning "directly into" an image editing program. I just scan images with the scanner software I prefer (currently Image Capture for line art and VueScan for color). When I need to open the files, I either double click them, drag them onto AP (or some other image editor), or right click and choose from "Open With...". It's not hard. 


I would suggest scanning conservatively - don't push the contrast, and try not to allow details to get lost in bright or dark areas. You'll adjust everything in your image editor of choice later. Hope this helps!

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