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As far as I can tell there is no ability to assign an "edit all layers" key short.  


I am working on a piece right now that would greatly benefit from the ability to have a shortcut for turning on and off edibility to all layers. Ideally this is another candidate for the right click menu structure I would love to see someday.


(The ability to create our own right menu would be super stupendously marvellous) hint hint  ;-)


... but I digress, If anyone can see where an "edit all layers" shortcut is possible please post here.  Cheers!

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Hmm, not sure I'm completely understanding that. Command "A" will select everything.  I just want a way to not have to go to the layers panel every time to lock or unlock a layer. 


You don't have to select the layer in the layer panel to activate the "edit all layers" feature. Something just has to be selected in the viewport.


Currently as far as I understand it, it works likes this. I select something in the viewport. Then I click on the tiny little "edit all layers" button way over on my second monitor... ;-) and it will lock all of the other layers, which is great, clicking on a different layer in the layers panel with the "edit all layers" button still pressed will unlock that layer and lock the previous one, which again is very useful...


I would just like to bypass having to repeatedly go to the layers panel hundreds of times over the course of an illustration. :-)


For instance, say I have the ability to set the "caps lock" key to my "edit all layers" feature. I select an element, hit caps lock, this locks all of the other layers, I do some work, hit the caps lock key again unlocking all of the layers, select something else on another layer, hit the caps lock key, edit... and so on. Bliss! :-)

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