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Better Full-Screen Mode

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Apple's own full-screen mode has some huge disadvantages. When using multiple screens, the other screen will be blanked unless you enable some options in the Mission Control preferences. The latter option has some side-effects that caused me to disable it again in the past.


Of course, I want to be able to use the second monitor while painting in AP full-screen, e.g. to see a few photo references to inspire me, or whatever. Currently, I always use a fully zoomed AP window instead of a real full-screen mode. This has the disadvantage that the window title would still be visible. When painting with quick strokes, I could accidentally click one of the buttons of the title bar, or move the window around. This would be quite annoying, because it breaks the flow of painting.


Photoshop CS5 implements its own full-screen mode (can't tell about newer versions). It works much better than Apple's. Please also consider to implement an option in the settings for a better full-screen mode.


Another issue of AP's full-screen mode is the fact that it keeps a ribbon at the right-hand side and at the bottom for no apparent reason. An accidental click on the ribbon would move the canvas half the screen across, probably a bug? Anyway, please remove the ribbon and provide a clean full-screen mode with no UI elements that could possibly come in the way when painting.



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