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Applying Master Pages Changes Frame Orientation | Indication for Empty Mirrored Picture Frames

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Hey everyone,

slowly but surely I'm losing my mind over here, haha. I think I've rebuild this master page at least three times by now, but every time I load images, some of them are mirrored. What's even more irritating: If I apply the same master page again, they get mirrored again.

Now … what is going on here? Can someone please explain?


Even if the frame itself were mirrored (unfortunately this is not indicated anywhere, or is it?), it shouldn't be mirrored every time the master page is re-applied, at least from my understanding.

I come accross this issue on almost (?) all the other master pages that use frames, hence why the master pages name ends with a 2. I tried to fix it several times now and feel like I’m running in circles, setting up the master pages from scrap over and over again.

Is this a known bug? Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi. You can fix this by going to the master, selecting that frame, and choosing Layer > Transform > Flip Horizontal. You have previously flipped the frame on the master.

Reapplying a master with a flipped frame to a page will cause the contents of the frame to flip each time the master is applied. That might be a minor bug but that's the cause of the issue.

I tested it by creating a master with 3 picture frames. The first was un-flipped. The second was flipped horizontal. On page 1, I edited detached and flipped the third so that it was flipped only at the page level. I then placed the same picture in all three frames and the second and third were flipped as expected. Each time I applied the master the contents of the second frame, the one flipped on the master, was flipped.

I then un-flipped that frame on the master and re-applied it multiple times without it having any impact on the contents.

Maybe it's working as designed or maybe it's a bug but at least now you know how to fix it.


Download a free PDF manual for Publisher 2.3 from this forum - now includes text formatting and styles

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Hey @MikeTO,

fresh day, fresh mind – I must have lost track yesterday with all my attempts and the various master pages. This morning I recreated the page from scratch again and was meticulous not to mirror any layouts or picture frames. It works for me now. 😉

However, the issue – the repeated mirroring of inserted pictures in a deliberately mirrored picture frame on the master page – is something that evetually needs to be monitored and fixed. For there are certainly cases in which it is planned exactly this way.

Furthermore, I would very much welcome an indication of mirrored picture frames, which would make workarounds and unnecessary guessing games obsolete. For example, the diagonal lines of the mirrored picture frames could be replaced with dashed lines. This way, it's recognisable at first glance if something is different without introducing additional symbols or icons. 🤔

I am just spitballing my thoughts on how I would try to approach the indication-issue. 😁

Happy weekend!



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