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Hi everyone, 

                    I am still learning so please forgive. Is there a way to un crop an image when you have changed your mind late in the editing process? I tried unclip but it has a sort of see through unprocessed section. If there is a way will the returned full size image incorporate the layers of adjustments that have been applied. I am referring to Affinity Photo.



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I'm just guessing here, but I will give it a shot.  From what I see, cropping your photo is permanent, or destructive. So there is no way I know of to recover your original drawing from the cropped version.

That being said, here is what I thought of.


So here is my idea.

Open up your original photo, so that you have a tab with your modified version and a tab with your original version.

Now on your modified version, select and copy all of your adjustment layers. Go to your original photo tab and paste.

Making sure layer placement, you should have all your adjustments you made over your original (pre-cropped) version.

You can also copy and paste Live filter layers too, just be aware of layer placement, as with anything.

And that should get you close to where you want to be.


Just remember my suggestion is based solely on my personal opinion. It is not meant to be the best, or definitive method. Just my thoughts on how to help your situation. 

Hopefully it will help you out. 

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Thanks Crabtrem,


I did give that a go earlier and the result I got was the crop came over too giving me the same see through boarder.  Not sure what you mean by layer placement....I am fairly green when it comes to this but enjoying learning. Will look it up! Thanks for your effort, much appreciated.

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Sorry. I will try with some screen shots. Background. First I will show you a cropped image. I added a couple of adjustment layers, and a live filter layer. You can see I have shift selected only the adjustment layers, and I select Copy.



Next I open the tab with the original photo loaded, and I select Paste.



You will now see the two adjustment layers show up on your layers panel. Above the original drawing layer, so we are good.



Now I go back to my cropped image. I select the Live filter layer, which you can see is in the mask layer of the cropped image. I don't select the image, but only the child live filter layer in the mask level of the image.



I go back to my original, I select the image layer, and Paste. 



You see the Live filter layer show up just above the image layer. You can leave it here. 



I actually selected the Live Filter layer and I dragged the layer to the image layers mask layer. Or drop it right on top of the thumbnail of the image, or look for the vertical blue bar identifying which layer you are pasting over.



And now you can see I have my original image, and all of the adjustment layers and live filter layers I used in the cropped image. 


Hope you can follow me. Sorry for any confusion.



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