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In need of crutial features for card game designers

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So, I am working on a card game with an more or less advanced card design. Using the provided data merge is extremely helpful as it's giving me the opportunity to use spreadsheets to create and mannage a whole lot of cards at once. However, there is two things missing, that I and other (card) game designers are in dire need for when making those cards.


Number 1:
All of the cards I make have a bunch of text formating that highlight important information and help players to navigate the card text more easily. This formating includes f.e. bold, italic, or colored text. f.e.:


"Whenever you gain 1 Gold, you may look at the top card of the draw pile. You may draw the card or discard it and heal 2 life."

This could be realized by having an integrated HTML formating included. So that excel cells that look like:


Deal <color=#AF3535FF><b>3</b> dmg</color>.

Would be merged into a text field like:


Deal 3 dmg.


Number 2:
The second crutial feature for a (card) game designer, would be the abbility to include icons in text merge.
The symbol feature of affinity designer would be the perfect staring point for that.

We could assign names to symbols so that they could be integrated in text with "{symbol_1}"

A practical example for this would be f.e.:


Whenever you play a card pay 1{gold_symbol_1} or loose 1{victory_point_symbol}


These are crutial elements that would make designing cards for card and board games easier and the program more lucrative for any game designer looking to create their cards.

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