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Record users while using AD for more insight (Voluntary...)

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I had this idea.

When you make a websites the best way to see how people use the interface is actually seeing them use it, perform tasks.

The real users, people who have not seen the wireframes, and are not in the website biz.


A lot of the time this points out things like:

  • UI elements you thought were clear, no-brainers are not
  • People use the UI / site in different ways than you had thought of
  • Where people "get lost"
  • Where people expect things to be
  • What elements people love

Watching people use your UI can be a real eye opener sometimes.


So why not do this for AD?

While it would be nice to fly in people from all over the world it might be more efficient to have people record a drawing / AD session.

This would be most effective if people had a microfone, to explain what they were doing, what they were expecting to happen.


I'm sure this would deliver a ton of insight.

// Edit: And if you had the same person do/ draw something similar in Ai, you could compare that, see what they love & use there...

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